Check out our wonderful teachers for 2019:

  • Jennifer Mylod
  • Phil Mylod
  • Norm Williams
  • Cliff Cole
  • Bonnie Leigh
  • Rich Carty
  • Mary Carty
  • Steven Carty
  • Joe Wills
  • Wayne Anderson
  • Rob Yoder

Jennifer Mylod
Jennifer has played music her whole life, and is a classically trained cellist. She’s taught fiddle however, for the past 14 years. She teaches the old way, as it’s been done for 100’s of years in Ireland, by ear! She shares techniques to compliment the tunes, and makes playing fun as she moves students towards playing real tunes She points out ways to improve tone, bowing and techniques, while giving students tools to advance their own skill level.

Philip MylodPhilip is an accomplished Uilleann piper and it is with his passion of traditional Irish music, thatt he wil be teaching the Irish whistle and the Bodhran

Philip teaches by ear, sharing the melody of a tune in a small, simple part until it is grasped by the students, then he will add the next part. He combines the parts until the entire tune is built.

In his Bodhran class, Philip will demonstrate patterns for different tempos. These will be demonstrated and shown so the students can learn to replicate the patterns. He also will show where the emphasis notes for the beat could be to make the drumming pattern more interesting. Philip will display various methods that can be used to get more tone and depth from the Bodhran.

Norm Williams
Norm Williams began teaching Mountain Dulcimer in 2002 and has been faculty/performer at many festival and events since, Including the MDMF, Cranberry Dulcimer and Autoharp Gathering, French Creek Music Retreat and the Augusta Heritage Festival. Norm is a co-founder of The Pocono Dulcimer Club and a coordinator of their Winter Dulcimer Fest held in April. He is also co-chair of the Maidencreek Old Time Music Festival held in July in Blandon, PA and a great promoter of the mountain dulcimer. Norm is currently semi-retired and resides with his wife, Erin, in Breinigsville, PA

Cliff Cole
Cliff has been playing hammered dulcimer since 1985. His background is in percussion, and he has studied various types of music including rock, blues, jazz and folk. His folk group, DayBreak has been performing together for almost thirty years and has produced six CDs. He also is a member of the Dulcimer Boys and Tachyonmetry. Cliff is a founding member of the Quakertown Area Dulcimer and Autoharp Society (QUADAS), serves on the board of Perkasie Patchwork Coffeehouse, and is a member of the Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival Board.

Bonnie Leigh, CMP
Bonnie, a Certified Music Practitioner, performer and dulcimer teacher. She actively performs and teaches her gentle style of playing with the dulcimer across the northeast. Bonnie has taught at eleven dulcimer festivals in the east and has been giving lessons, playing at libraries, club meetings, coffeehouses, historical villages and events, and social Teas. Her easy manner makes learning to play fun and relaxed. As a Music Practitioner Bonnie plays the dulcimer and small harp at the bedside of hospice patients. Bonnie’s original songs of life and family can be found on her 3 recordings and 3 songbooks to accompany the recordings, all in dulcimer tab. Bonnie has also written 3 poem books and a booklet  ‘From My Heart to Yours – Thoughts and experiences of a Music Practitioner Intern‘. For more information visit her website www.bonnieleigh.com

Steven Carty
Steven was exposed to basketry at an early age with the influence of his mother, Mary Carty. Though he often tends to drift away from traditional styles and patterns, he does use many traditional and local materials which he gathers from the wild. Much of his weaving inspiration comes from the very land he gathers some of these materials; the creeks, forests, and shores of South Jersey. Steven can be found weaving at various local festivals or teaching children basket weaving classes. Though he handles most of Pinelands Folk Music Centers off-site basketry business, many of Steven’s baskets can be found for sale there. He can also be found teaching classes there.

Joe Wills
Joe Wills has had a life-long love of the banjo. Beginning in 1990 his interest in bluegrass banjo was sparked by the Seldom Scene. Joe learned to play and formed a bluegrass band, Cedar Crick, with Nancy Longenecker. In 1994 the opportunity presented itself to go on the air when Burlington County College began broadcasting on WBZC FM. Joe’s program, Burlington County Bluegrass went on the air and is now in its 25th year on the Internet at RCBC Radio. Currently Joe plays banjo and Dobro with his bluegrass band the BAD DOGZ and also performs with Martin Kavanagh as the Groggy Pine Boys. MC-ing gigs have had Joe introduce top bands like the Seldom Scene, Becky Buller, Rhonda Vincent, Darrell Webb, Ronnie Reno and others.

Rich Carty
Rich Carty has been playing the Mountain Dulcimer since 1979. He is one of the founding member of the Greater Pinelands Dulcimer Society and currently serves as its president and musical director of the Mountain Dulcimer Only Group. He has been teaching Mountain Dulcimer since 1985 and teaches at Dulcimer festivals through out the northeast. Rich and his wife Mary are Co-owners of Pinelands Folk Music Center.

Mary Carty
Mary is a lifelong resident of Burlington County, New Jersey, and brings her Native American heritage into play with her handmade baskets. Many of her traditional baskets are shapes and styles with which her Lenape ancestors would have been familiar.

She is a true artist and innovator who does not like to have her creativity stifled by following rigid set patterns. This is a concept Mary often stresses to her students,

“I don’t just teach people how to make baskets; I teach them how to be basket makers,” she often says.

On the other hand Mary has a healthy respect for tradition. This is why she has researched and makes traditional baskets which her Lenape ancestors would have made. It is this blending of tradition and creativity that makes Mary Carty’s baskets both unique and highly collectible. A talented basket weaver, Mary has won many awards for her original basket designs through the years, and has admirers throughout the world.

Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, has loved the dulcimer since his first experience in 2010. Since that time, Wayne has attended many of the Dulcimer Festival events held in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. Often taking part in the Open Mics and playing at various venues in his home area. He has also organized and held some afternoon workshops and jam sessions in the Kingston, Ontario area. Wayne has a wide interest in music but the Celtic Genre is close to his heart.

Rob Yoder

Rob started out singing four-part hymns in the church pew next to his dad, where he learned to listen for the sweet a cappella harmonies. That, and encouragement from teachers along the way, eventually led to a degree in classical Voice and

Music Education, and then a love of folk music and a variety of folk instruments. Beyond leading church choirs and providing bass solos around the area, Rob has been part of the Quakertown-based folk group DayBreak  since 1990 with his spouse Anna Lisa and friend Cliff Cole, along with their now adult children.

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